Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA
“The future has a funny way of sneaking up on you. You don’t notice it until you’re soaking in it. That was the feeling at O’Reilly’s Solid Conference.”
– Wired

The IoT is creating a perfect storm of innovation and opportunity.

Hardware, software, sensors, and physical things are coming together in uncharted waters. To succeed, you’ll need to build teams that cross disciplines in ways never before attempted. Envision new business models. And recognize the “crazy” ideas that are now entirely possible. Learn how at Solid.

Call for Startups

The Solid Startup Showcase provides an unparalleled venue for startups to demonstrate their innovative work to an audience that includes leading investors, executives, and technical talent. Any startup working in fields related to the Internet of Things is invited to apply to participate by June 5.

The revolution starts here: hardware, software, digital manufacturing, and the Internet of Things

  • Engineers are building products never before imagined.
  • Programmers are reaching beyond the screen in ways that would make a sci-fi writer envious.
  • Designers are creating UXs that make previously outlandish ideas seem obvious and intuitive.
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders are inventing entirely new business models.

The technologies that connect things—from turbines to watches—to the power of software, the Internet, and big data are also being used to streamline industrial practices, lower the barriers to entry, and disrupt everything from customization to upgrades in a way that will revolutionize manufacturing, even in the oldest and most staid industries.

Enormous new opportunities are emerging for those who recognize them.

What’s happening is more than just an incremental advance. And Solid is more than just a conference. It’s unique—a mash-up of MIT and Disneyland, where you’ll:

  • engage in deep, intelligent conversations about vital issues like security, additive manufacturing, data architectures, breakthrough design, prototyping, and standards
  • see jaw-dropping demos of the coolest devices, drones, robots, and wearables that exist (or are imagined) today
  • connect and collaborate with some of the most interesting people in the industry—from both Fortune 500 companies and under-the-radar startups
  • hear unexpected, inspirational, and just-plain-brilliant ideas that will give you a glimpse of what the future may hold

When anything can be connected to the Internet, every company becomes a tech company. Whether you deal in fashion or manufacturing, robotics or agriculture, Solid will help you figure out how to apply the latest technologies to your business.

If you want to be a part of this—and who doesn’t?—join us at Solid in San Francisco June 23-25.

The possibilities are more than a bit mind-blowing.

—JA Ginsburg

Solid showed me not only that I can build what I've dreamed about, but the time is now.

—previous Solid attendee

Who we are

At O’Reilly, we’re known for recognizing the important trends in technology and bringing the best minds in the field together to explore, share, and learn. Our history spans more than 30 years and includes groundbreaking conferences such as Web 2.0 Summit, OSCON (open source), and Strata + Hadoop World (data).

We’re at the brink of a huge shift. If you want to understand the territory and discover the opportunities, don’t miss the O’Reilly Solid Conference. It’s the Internet of Things—and so much more.

Help Us Support Technology and Diversity

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To help support diversity in the technology community, while Solid registration is open, we're raising funds to send to Double Union. Please consider joining us in supporting this worthy organization.

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