Hardware, Software & the Internet of Things
June 23–25, 2015 • San Francisco, CA

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Space will be limited. We’ll hold your spot for 7 days when registration opens.

Don’t miss out. Reserve today.

Space will be limited. We’ll hold your spot for 7 days when registration opens.

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We’re building the program for Solid 2015 now. Solid will feature interesting stories, fascinating demos, and provocative ideas. If you have a story to tell about building the programmable world, we’d love to hear from you. Read more.

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The revolution starts here: hardware, software, digital manufacturing, and the IoT

Solid is returning to Fort Mason on June 23–25, 2015.

The traditional boundaries between hardware and software are falling. Whatever you choose to call this disruption—the Internet of Things, digital manufacturing, the connected world, the Industrial Internet, Maker Pro, hardware startups, or the integration of software and machines—it’s the same exciting revolution: a perfect storm of opportunity for a software-enhanced, networked physical world.

The new products and services created from the melding of software, hardware, and data are built by people who work across disciplines and industries. A vibrant new community is emerging, made up of business and industry leaders, software developers, hardware engineers, designers, investors, startup founders, academics, artists, and policy makers—many of whom have never come together before.

They gather at Solid to be inspired, to make connections and launch conversations, and to plug into the future for a few days.

Will you be a part of it?

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“O’Reilly’s Solid Conference, Maker Faire’s new more serious sibling, brought a crowd of hardware bootstrappers, software developers and industry players to San Francisco last week to show off new tech and talk about what’s next. The possibilities more than a bit mind-blowing.
–J. A. Ginsburg

Past speakers included

Beth Comstock
Neil Gershenfeld
Ayah Bdeir
Rod Brooks
Rethink Robotics
Rob Coneybeer
Shasta Ventures
Renee DiResta
Carl Bass
Autodesk, Inc.
Paola Antonelli
Museum of Modern Art
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Who we are

At O’Reilly, we’re known for recognizing the important trends in technology and bringing the best minds in the field together to explore, share, and learn. Our history spans more than 30 years and includes groundbreaking conferences such as Web 2.0 Summit, OSCON (open source), and Strata + Hadoop World (data).

We’re at the brink of a huge shift. If you want to understand the territory and discover the opportunities, don’t miss the O’Reilly Solid Conference. It’s the Internet of Things—and so much more.

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